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ISO 9001:2008 certified, JSS ELEVATORS AND ESCALATORS is a new generation manufacturing firm of elevators and escalators. Established in 2013, in Noida (Uttar Pradesh, India), we aim to meet the requirements of today's fast moving automated world. We provide a wide range of lifts such as Hydraulic Hospital Lifts, Freight Elevators, Automobile Elevators, Dumbwaiter Lifts, and Passenger Lifts etc. Lift services such as Lift Installation, AMC and Lift Modernization are also provided by us. This has helped us in establishing a good reputation in the market.

How Lifts & Elevators Have Changed Our Lives?

In the today's world, where several people are suffering from bones pain, breathing problems and many such health issues, lifts & elevators have made life so easy. They have helped people in building the skyscrapers and reaching the peak of these high-top buildings without giving stress to their muscles. The evolution of lifts is a remarkable journey that has fondly shaped our lives. For city-dwellers, elevators and escalators are an exceptional invention which they use regularly. Lifts serve as an advanced conveyance to save people from the annoyance to climb stairs. 

Why opt for Hydraulic Lifts?

Hydraulic lifts are safe and economical in nature. With proven technology, they are suited for multiple locations. Also, the hydraulic drive system ensures noise free and vibration free operation. The hydraulic lifts are known for outstanding ride quality, high reliability as well as low energy usage. These characteristics also bring reduced lifetime costs. There are various types such as Hydraulic Passenger Lifts, Goods Lifts and Hospital Lifts. We offer totally customized solution for your unique need or space.

Advantages of Hydraulic Lifts?

Some main advantages of the hydraulic lifts, are:

  • Noise-free operation
  • Design freedom and smaller space requirement
  • Safety, low-maintenance, easy and economical assembly
  • Energy efficient and cost effectiveness 

Areas of Application 

Nowadays, hydraulic lift is one of the most crucial equipment used in transporting people & goods. Through hydraulics, vertical transportation of heavy loads becomes easy. Its application is varied, including: 

  • Transporting People To Higher Floors
  • Raise Heavy Loads
  • Multistory Buildings, etc.  

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